The dilemma to buy or not from the brand’s website


When it comes to skincare, who doesn’t love natural products as we are all applying costly cosmetics day in and day out. And in a time that we are living in, it is important to take care of our health as well as have a little skin or hair care routine that can rejuvenate our skin and hair from becoming dull. So, keeping that in mind, I recently hopped into Nykaa’s Pink Friday Sale. Having heard a lot about the brand, Plum/ PlumGoodness, I was convinced to give its products a try. And oh boy, I don’t regret it at all. They are not just vegan, cruelty-free, also their products have all the good ingredients to make your body feel loved again. I was happy that while purchasing my favourite items, I was doing my bit towards mother earth as they claim to give 1% of the sale of each product for the betterment of the planet. The products were so good that I couldn’t stop myself from visiting their website. It was when I realized that as a consumer, there were things that needed to be added or removed from the website ASAP.


As a consumer and especially in these hard times, I try to buy things that are not just cost-effective but have real benefits too. So, when I came to know about Plum’s great and pocket-friendly products, I couldn’t help to get my hands on some more products from their website. And as it is the end of the year, there was some sale going on, so I thought what could be the best time than this. However, as a designer and a consumer, I was a little disappointed with the following things on the website.

Landing and Product Page by
  1. The website has a very well laid structure; however, I couldn’t find any wishlist option upfront, so that I could save and check it out later. It was when I clicked on the product for details, I saw a wishlist button beside the add to cart button.
  2. On the product’s detail page there is no mention of manufacturing or expiry date. Though it is coming directly from the company, still as a consumer, I would like to be sure about the month it was manufactured or how many months are left before the product expires.
  3. The unavailable products have a button that is not clickable. This can make a consumer irritated and confused at the same time because neither he/she could do anything with the product; moreover, it all together adds up to the frustration when your preferred item is on discount and still unavailable on the website.
  4. Now, considering the UI part, on the product detail page, they have put a nice description with the information about the product and which skin types can be used, but at the same time, there is an accessibility issue with the shipping text which is placed just below the Pincode text field.


  1. A lot of time people like to keep products on their wishlist rather than just buying them in one go so that they can compare the prices from other websites or maybe come back to it later. Wishlisting helps reduce the cognitive load for the user and saves them a lot of time. Though plum has given the option to wishlist a product, one has to first click on the product and only then they can wishlist it.
  2. With the pandemic still going on, online shopping has come out as a saviour in these hard times. However, there is always a doubt about the quality and other aspects of the product such as the date of expiry of the product as sometimes the product is delivered with just a couple of months left before its expiry.


To provide a better user experience, I tried to redesign it while keeping the branding the same.

The landing page of
product detail page by


  1. Added the wishlist upfront to help users come back to the product when they wish to.
  2. Removed the unavailable button instead I used a text which makes it evident that it is not clickable.
  3. I also provided a wishlist option so that the users' favourite products don’t get lost even when it’s unavailable.
  4. I provided a notify me button at the top so that the user gets notified when the product is back in stock if he/she wishes to know about it.

Product Detail page

  1. Added the expiry date to let the user know how long is the product’s life before buying.
  2. Corrected the Accessibility issue for the shipping text below the “enter Pincode” text field.

This was my take on the website as a consumer and as a user experience designer, what do you think about these changes. I would really like to read your thoughts about the same. Shoot an email at Or DM me on Linkedin.




User Experience Designer at Buildsupply

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Simran puri

Simran puri

User Experience Designer at Buildsupply

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